Rapkind (2017)

Music | 30 Min.

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“A Choice blend of Urban Television” raps up its new show RapKind. The music and urban culture news magazine will premiere on Mondays at 11pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 6:30pm. (These dates and times are subject to change) Creator and host, Mafiyo aka The Black Light, brings viewers the latest from the world of underground Hip-Hop and R & B. Get the inside 4-1-1 on the hottest clubs, music videos, and new performers. RapKind is also your ticket to concert and tour updates on your favorite R& B and Hip-Hop groups.

This is not your parents’ music show! Forget top 40 talk! RapKind takes you backstage and behind doors to showcase the newest projects popping off in the music scene and beyond. Hear from seasoned gurus the real stories of living and performing in the industry. RapKind asks the questions you want answers to! Rapkind Entertainment is of the Hip-Hop and R&B genre. The show will target 18-25year olds and all who love our broad range of guests when the new format rolls out on Punchtv Network in order to bring the next generation of consumer in touch with the latest and greatest in celebrity entertainment, and your product. We accomplish this goal by providing fresh and current interviews and performance clips of major stars and personalities conducted and introduced by Mafiyo.